Who Is Mike Daciuk?

About Mike

Mike Daciuk currently resides in Whitby Ontario and was born and raised in Oshawa Ontario, Canada. As a professional, he brings a unique perspective combining health and functional medicine with his business acumen in pursuit of inspiring others to reach their full potential. His clients and patients are from around the world in as his practice is both in person and virtual where he reaches millions of people each and every day.

As a Family Man:

Growing up in a family of five with both a brother and sister enabled him to appreciate the values and beliefs that are inherent in growing and developing a strong family. He is married to his beautiful wife Heather and a father to five children (Jacob, Caiden, Haven, Caleb and Gracelyn). He now devotes his love and passion for life to his loving family. Their Faith based approach to life involves being active members in the community.

As a Professional:

Mike has spent the majority of his post undergrad career working in the corporate realm for one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world as well as owning and operating a personal training business. This blend of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership has allowed him to interact with a diverse group of individuals looking to find their “calling in life” and passion to succeed. After 15 years in Corporate, he graduated from the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program in California and is now the CEO of Interactive Body Balance where he oversees a vibrant health practice. Transitioning from Corporate to the entrepreneurial paradigm has involved seeing patients and clients via the conventional method but also virtually. He has authored the popular self-help book titled “The Transformation From Within” and the functional health book called “How To Restore Your Health”. Mike also hosts the highly-ranked iTunes Podcast Interactive Body Balance as well as seeing clients from all over the world.

As an Athlete:

Having spent the majority of his athletic career playing ice hockey and captain of the rep. teams in Oshawa, he has also excelled in various other sports. These have included being selected for the National Team Canada Camp for ball hockey, medaling in the provincial karate championships, placing in the provincial arm wrestling championships and winning the Redwood Cup as a member of the Oshawa Bulls known as the greatest street hockey players in Canada for 2009 as seen on CBC and having their uniforms in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada. He has also recently won the Provincial and National Ball Hockey Championships in 2015.

As a Functional Medicine Practitioner:

Mike Daciuk sees patients from all over the world regarding their gut health, stress, weight loss/gain, autoimmune disease (celiac, RA, MS, crohns, etc.), anxiety, depression, sleep concerns, hormone issues, etc. He has been certified from various functional medicine programs in North America, is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer in Canada, certified kickboxing instructor and has a certification in Nutrition. His clientele have ranged from students and athletes to CEO’s/CTO’s of fortune 500 companies. Although his approach is tailor made for each individual, the end result of helping each person transform their life remains the same. The combination of working with the mind, body and soul empowers the client to go beyond their form and reach a level they never felt possible.

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