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In my opinion, there is nothing more important in this world than our children.  They are the continuation of your existence, the hope for a brighter world, and the foundation upon which new ideas and solutions will be created.  It should be every parent’s obligation to ensure they have all the skills and “tools” available to succeed in this world.  Children trust and rely on their parents or caregivers to provide and take care of them until they are responsible enough to do it on their own.  I am not referring to 35 year olds living at home but rather babies, infants, and young children.  We all know how teenagers can be but they still require a great deal of guidance.  Have you ever watched a little child accept a treat from an adult?  It could be a healthy snack or a dog treat and they just willingly put it in their mouth to consume.  They trust the adult has their best interests at heart.  It is our moral obligation to ensure we do.


The real motivation for me writing this article is more of a personal one.  My now 4 year old son Caiden was slower to talk and we were getting concerned so we took him to the various doctors and specialists to enlist their opinions.  What was the medical community saying about his progression and what percentile was he in with respect to development?  He was very active, extremely social and understood what we were saying but could not communicate to the standard he was supposed to at the age of 2.  Now I have always been the type of person to say that wherever there is a problem, a solution is not too far away.  As I always do, I did my homework and uncovered a great deal of information on child development, learning curves, and optimal supplementation.  Nutrition is always the best foundation to receive the vital nutrients that your body requires to perform, but we all know that our children’s preferences and ours don’t always align.


As mentioned, I have provided a great deal of information in earlier articles on nutrition so I want to focus this article on two supplements that I have found to personally work very well with my children and my client’s children.  The brain is made up of around 70% fat so it is very important receive the appropriate amount of fatty acids.  In particular, omega 3 fatty acids are essential as they are anti-inflammatory and provide your brain with the proper fuel.  Before I proceed any further, please note I do not own stock in either of these products I promote or get paid to endorse them.  They are from my own personal experience and their positive effects on my children.  My clients ask me all the time what I give my children and how can their children become brighter, more advanced, etc?  This product below is a staple in our household and we have seen some great development with them being on it.  Haven starting saying complete sentences at 15 months, Caiden starting speaking almost immediately after taking this (and the multi-vitamin below) and their cognitive skills are accelerating.

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”learning factors omega 3″ class=”aligncenter size-thumbnail wp-image-1503″ /></a>
The second supplement is a multi-vitamin and it contains many of the important nutrients for development.  Magnesium, Zinc and B12 are very important for energy levels and the exact combination of the three is essential.  Most kids do not get enough vitamins and minerals and this product captures the aforementioned and many more.  It comes in a simplistic chewable form that kids will easily digest as well.

<a href=””><img src=”” alt=”kidsminivits” width=”388″ height=”310″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-1506″ /></a>

I hope you have enjoyed this article with some practical ways to enhance your child’s formative years.  These are all based on my personal experience and have been used regularly by my clients with the same results.  Hoping each day becomes healthier for you and your family.



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