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Having spent the majority of my career working in Corporate America, I have gained a thorough understanding of what makes very large corporations successful but also learned a great deal about their shortcomings. I have augmented this by owning a Personal Training company and also leading my Functional Medicine business to consistent growth. This experience has enhanced my business acumen and lead to many wonderful opportunities in the entrepreneurial world. We now run a traditional Alternative Health business (face to face) as well as an online health program. Our patients/clients (executives, athletes, medical doctors, etc.)  are from around the world in which we communicate through skype, google hangouts, zoom and various online mechanisms. Around fifty percent of our business is at our clinics and the other half via virtual consults.


Some key areas that our clinic focuses on are:


Fitness, Chronic fatigue, Weight loss/gain, Gut dysfunction (constipation, diarrhea, bloating), Autoimmune disease (celiac, RA, lupus, MS, chrons, etc.), Sleep Disorders, Infertility, Thyroid Issues, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Anxiety, Depression

We have created an industry leading health podcast called Interactive Body Balance, published two books titled “The Transformation From Within” and “How To Restore Your Health”, conduct live webinars, facilitate online courses, and are constantly producing content. We are actively on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Itunes and various other social media. Our goal is to promote health and vitality while creating the largest platform for online functional medicine.


Please reach out to us if you would like us to assess your individual case.  Our office number is provided above.  Thank you.


Functional Medicine Consults

Lab based fees and consulting:
Packages available by:
e-mail at [email protected]


Corporate Lectures


Mike is also available for corporate health lectures and presentations.


Online/Virtual Health Coaching Business
This is tailored to the entrepreneur who is looking to run an online health and coaching business. We focus on creating web content, social media, podcasting, creating courses, selling online products and services and becoming an ebook author.

Coaching packages available upon request.

Thank you,

Interactive Body Balance
[email protected]

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