How To Be An Effective Coach In Life And Business


I coach executives across the world on health and fitness as well as business/entrepreneur coaching and improving their business. Each case is client specific but some generalities exist. A good coach must fully understand their client and what makes them perform better. What motivates them ? What are their specific goals? What are their strengths and what are their weaknesses? What is holding them back from advancing and what subconscious programs give them limiting beliefs? A coach is another set of eyes that leverages his experience across multiple disciplines to bring best practices to a specific case. A coach will help build confidence and continue to support their decision making. CEO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s and COO’s have reached their positions due to their ability to make definitive decisions and take ownership. They are certain in uncertain times. A coach should enhance and augment this.

A good coach should also play devil’s advocate and look at every side of a situation or negotiation and prepare their client for all of the objections and rebuttals they will endure. You see when you are in a negotiation or company, you are using your conscious mind and may not see everything that is going on as you are partial to each event. A second set of eyes or coach has no attachment to the company or business deal and can bring a different perspective. This goes back to the wiring of the brain and your conscious and subconscious programs.

In my line of coaching, it involves assessing the client’s health markers through labs and then guiding them on being the most effective and efficient leader. We provide nutrition, fitness and supplementation recommendations where required so they can perform at optimal levels throughout their role. This may involve improving brain function or helping them sleep better. The ultimate goal is health, vitality and improved performance. You want to make the executive the best version of themselves by using techniques they could not uncover or see with their own capacity. Always here to help.

Mike Daciuk | Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist


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