In working with various clients and patients across multiple disciplines, it becomes apparent that even though they come from different backgrounds, countries, social status, affluence and cultural beliefs, they all want to lead a more fulfilled and progressive life.  It is human nature to want to help other people and contribute more to this world.  People in general feel better when they are giving and sharing their knowledge and skills in a positive way.  The question then becomes how do you do this?  How do you get to the place where you feel confident?  How do you get to the place where you have the belief inside of you that you are worthy and you can turn you goals and dreams into reality?  How do you feel at peace and present in what can appear a chaotic world?







Regardless of what you may have been conditioned to think, each and every person has unique and special talents that this world needs and requires. What are your God-given talents…and are you using them in your career or day-to-day endeavors? No two people are alike and you have been carefully created to bring something extremely valuable to this material existence. If you keep an open mind and be aware of your surroundings, you will notice the diverse and unique skills of the human race. We have doctors, lawyers, caregivers, scientists, teachers, sales professionals, athletes, tradesman, entrepreneurs, specialists, and more. You have been specifically called to tap into your inherent abilities so you can fulfill your obligation to society.  Consider these questions: What are you good at? What things do people come to you for guidance about? In what areas are you considered to be an expert? If you haven’t already discovered this and feel like you are drifting on open water then I suggest you pay close attention to the following two points. The first one is to ask your friends and the people around you to tell you what they feel you are good at. What do you do well? How would they define you? What skills do they see in you? The people who have known you for many years can see things that you cannot. These people will be honest and transparent about your talents.  Once you find your true purpose in this world, you can then share it with the people around you.  It is a feeling of contributing and adding value.  People genuinely feel good when they can take their abilities and leverage them for the betterment of society.






One of the best ways to change your thought process is to show gratitude. At first glance, it seems very basic and simple, but when you look at it more deeply you will realize that most people don’t properly grasp the concept. When you are thankful for the air you breathe, the ability to walk or the fact that you simply woke up in the morning, your thoughts begin to change for the better. For instance, we take that for granted in North America many luxuries and privileges that many people around the world don’t have or they struggle immensely to obtain. Far too many people complain about what they don’t have as opposed to the great things they do. This world has enough negative people so why not be the change and make a difference by speaking gratitude and hope? It takes just as much energy to be negative as it does to be positive. Why limit your growth and potential by speaking words of negativity over yourself? They do not help you or your mission in this life. Your words are very powerful and they will come to fruition so be careful which ones you choose.
I used to get up in the morning and worry about the long day ahead and everything I had to accomplish. But all that did was overwhelm me and make me less productive. Now I arise and thank God for all he has given me and all that is coming my way. I am thanking Him in advance for all that is coming. When we take the time to reflect and appreciate this earth and the perfection that it is, we illuminate our own day and make the ones around us better people as well. When you have gratitude, you appreciate the small things. This transcends onto the people who you interact with; nobody wants to be around negative people. Instead, they enjoy spending time with people who bring positivity and lift their spirits. Gratitude is the most underutilized gift you have because so many people have been conditioned to be the opposite.  A great quote from Tony Robbins:  ” Trade your expectations for appreciation”.


Give More



When you take the focus off yourself and help other people, you start to feel this inner peace and feeling inside of you.  Do more, give more and help more. The more you help other people and make their lives a better place, the more your life will improve. You always get back what you give out. Make the world a better place and yours will improve as well.  This is especially difficult for many people that i see as they are suffering from illness or health concerns.  The reason why I mention helping and giving is because what you focus on expands.  If you are only focusing on your problems and issues, you will tend to get more of them.  When you focus on love, kindness, helping, sharing, you will receive more of that back into your life.  This can come in many forms such as volunteering your time or money, lending a hand to a person in need, opening a door, giving up your seat on a bus, community work, etc.  This may seem far fetched for some of you but give it a try and see how it works.  I have seen it work numerous times in my life.   Many of the aforementioned comments are intangible and they start with your mind.  I say this because some people think that fulfillment always comes in the form of physical acquisitions when many times they do not.  They come from within your own mind and then implemented through actions.  People will respond to what you do and how you act.  Make every day count friends.


Have a great day.








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