It is very important to understand the difference between the subconscious and conscious mind.  They are both very different and independent of one another but there is some common ground in specific situations that you encounter.  Most people are lead to believe that they are interchangeable and that one influences the other.  The conscious mind in physical terms is the neural tissue right behind your forehead called the pre-frontal cortex.  The conscious mind represents who you are as an individual and entity.  The conscious mind is the creative mind and it contains your wishes, desires, aspirations and every hope and dream you want to pursue.  It is the mind that says, I am going to go out today and find my dream job.  It gets your mind all excited and ready to enter the workforce in hopes of finding your desired role.  It really creates and describes what you want to do and achieve out of life.  A great benefit of the conscious mind is that it can learn in many different ways like watching a presentation, reading a book, listening to podcasts, going to conventional schools, or coming up with your own creative ideas from brainstorming. The real differentiator is that the conscious mind is creative by nature whereas the subconscious mind is more habitual and relies on the habits you have developed.  Try and think of the conscious mind as being used when someone asks you what you are doing for the weekend.  You will invariably pause, think about it and then respond.  You are using the creative side.  Now think of the subconscious mind as the mind that is used when you are driving the car.  You are sitting in the car talking to your friend, listening to the radio, daydreaming, etc. yet you still get to your destination somehow.  Your subconscious mind was driving your car.  It is like you were on autopilot.  Your subconscious mind also helps your heart beat and assist with various physiological functions.




As described, the subconscious mind learns from the programs or information embedded in the first seven years of your life or by changing your state of mind when your older through theta state programming.  The subconscious mind is capturing everything like snapshots of movies and images and the conscious mind is not really alert or aware during your early years.    So the first way the subconscious is programmed is from ages 0-7 but also through habit and building new paradigms when you are older.  When there is a stimulus that enters your mind, your conscious mind will absorb it and then your subconscious mind will decide if this new information matches what is stored in your programs.  Is there a connection and does it correlate with what you have learned in the past.   Another major difference is the conscious mind changes easily and frequently depending on the stimulus you see and think about during the day, while the subconscious mind is more hard wired into your brain.  As mentioned, the subconscious controls your walking, heart rate, and various physiological functions so you don’t want to be changing that.  Why would you want to learn how to ride a bike, walk down the street or learn how to drive to work every single day?  That is why once you learn how to ride a bike at the age of five or six, you never have to learn again as it is built into your subconscious programs.

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