Here are some simple and practical tips to improve cognitive function


  1. Get eight hours of sleep.  Some people need a little more and some a little less.
  2. Read, study and educate yourself daily. Always be learning and challenging yourself.
  3. Challenge your body with exercise for your physiology.  We can run lab tests to see where you stand.
  4. Nutrition is paramount. Lots of vegetables and healthy fats. I have linked to this below. Your brain is around 60% fat. Fish oils and cod liver oil are great as well. Your omega 3’s are important.
  5. Meditation, yoga and prayer are excellent for clarity and aligning with your purpose.
  6. A mentor of mine in Jim Kwik has some excellent programs and strategies on improving memory as well. Highly recommend his work. FYI.


Always here to help and I can answer any questions on supplements as well for mental performance.  Enjoy

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