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There are many ways to achieve optimal health or even restore your health should you be suffering.  We see patients every day that range from just wanting to lose 20 pounds to diabetics, autoimmune conditions and even cancer.   I will give you a basic methodology on how functional medicine helps you heal your body and bring it back in balance.

  1. Remove Foods and Pathogens that are causing disruption in the body.  We can run a food sensitivity test and the BH401H stool test of GI Maps lab.  These are great at uncovering hidden infections.
  2. Replace.  We have found that some people are deficient in certain areas.  Instead of having too much stomach acid, they may have too little so some butane HCL can increase it and actually help. This is just one simple example. You have to know your numbers.
  3. Re-inoculate.  These may require specific prebiotics and probiotics to enhance the good bacteria.
  4. Repair.  This involves healing the digestive tract, cells and tissues of the body.  These would include l-glutamine, zinc, vitamin D and A, etc.
  5. Re-balance.  We show you how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy and reach out to our team at [email protected] or www.mikedaciuk.com.  Thanks,

Mike, FDN, PT

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