Some quick tip on overcoming carb. cravings.  Many of my patients suffer from this at first and we always recommend gradually reducing them down.  I have seen both ways work but transitioning to healthy fats (avocadoes, coconut oils, olive oil, fatty fish. nut butter, almond butter, etc.), grass fed protein and organic fruits and vegetables is the best way to change your pathways from more poor carbohydrate based to healthy fats and proteins.  You then augment that with the healthy fruits and vegetables (good carbs).

Here are some quick tips to alleviate your processed carb cravings and the leading supplement my patient’s take to balance blood sugar.  E-mail us if you want to do specific testing for your physiology.  [email protected]



1) Spice up meals with cinnamon: Balances blood sugar

2) Consume healthy fats (coconut oil, almond butter, avocadoes): helps regulate blood sugar and increase satiety.

3) Eat leafy greens, foods high in magnesium: regulate blood sugar levels and are nutrient dense.

4) Eat foods that are high in Chromium (broccoli, sweet potatoes, lean meats):  . Chromium regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  The body uses chromium to manufacture a substance that helps with sugar metabolism and blood sugar balance — which will also plays a role in keeping your moods and appetite stable.

5) Drink lots of water.

6) Reduce alcohol, caffeine and processed foods.

7) One piece of dark chocolate under the tongue. Sends the brain a signal that the carb cravings have been met.

8) Take some glutamine under the tongue: It helps stabilize blood sugar and alleviates the need for sugar consumption.

9) Consume fermented foods and beverages.  Kombucha and Sauerkraut

Cultured vegetables and drinking coconut kefir is a good start. Sour foods contain probiotics which support digestive health.

10) Eat more protein:  You need to ramp up your protein intake and this will suppress your brain’s need for refined sugar. Reduces insulin spikes.


Supplement that my patients love and stabilize blood sugar:


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