How to overcome Sugar and Caffeine addiction

Some quick hints and tips on how to combat or eliminate some of the addictions many people struggle with on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Now I am going to break this into two sections as I know there are some of you who want the “magic pill” version and there are others who will make the fundamental lifestyle changes as well. It is human nature and I understand that. : ) I get these questions and I have done an extensive amount of research on them so enjoy and all the best in the New Year.

A) Sugar (the one found in pop, candy, cookies, etc.): Perhaps the most addictive and destructive toxin the human body can absorb. That includes some of the recreational drugs out there. People struggle with their “fix” and the first step is to increase your protein consumption. If this mean more chicken, fish, beef, and the like, so be it. You need to ramp up your protein intake and this will suppress your brain’s need for refined sugar. The second is L-Glutamine. An amino acid found in the body. It helps stabilize blood sugar and alleviates the need for sugar consumption. You can buy this supplement at any health store.

The third recommendation is to increase your levels of vitamin C. Taking vitamin C is important for minimizing cravings because vitamin C and glucose/sugar have similar chemical structures and they compete with one another to get into the cells. The more vitamin C you take, the less sugar you will crave. It will also encourage bowel movements and cleansing of the body. The final one is Gymnema Sylvestre which is in Indian herb that has had profound effects on reducing sugar cravings and weight loss. My clients personally have tried them and enjoyed some solid success.

B) Caffeine: Most people need their daily fix (or four) of caffeine/coffee but these create major havoc on your body and controls you worse than an insecure spouse. : ) A key approach is to carry organic coffee beans in your pocket and when you have the urge, suck on a few of them right to the pulp. When the urge comes back later in the day, suck on a couple more. Over time, you reduce the amount of beans you consume and wean yourself off the addictive properties of caffeine. You can also mix with unsalted butter to make it more of a food and more nutritious. The second approach is to have some chaga mushrooms and they go back hundreds of years as a way of relieving many common problems and addictions.

C) One and two lead to Stress and eventually Adrenal Fatigue/Burnout: Here are some ways to reduce your stress levels and help you rejuvenate and replenish your adrenal glands.

1) Gaba – Amino acid that has a calming effect
2) B Vitamins
3) Adrenal Cortex (brand)
4) Adrenal Stress End (brand)
5) C Vitamin
6) Licorice Root – Anti stress herb that regulates cortisol.
7) Sleep
8) Warm bath with Epson salts

For the ones who want a lifestyle change:

  • Organic Whole Foods only
  • Solid Workout program that you can follow
  • 8 hours sleep each night
  • Meditation
  • The principles you can follow in the book “How to eat, move and be healthy”

People change and make significant progress only when “your dream is bigger than your current crisis”.

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