The Canada Food Guide


This will just be a quick overview on the Canada Food Guide and why it is seriously flawed based on what I have already described above and from my own clinical experience.  Among other recommendations, it suggests 5 to 12 grain products a day and they include bread, cereal, bagels, pitas, buns, pasta and rice.  The section on grains and wheat clearly articulates why these foods will initiate a cascade of health problems from sensitivities, allergies, autoimmune diseases and even worse.  The Canada Food Guide is outdated and our children should not be subjected to these recommendations especially when it comes to grains.  I am an optimist and I hope the “nutritionists” and “consultants” who oversee this guide will change their approach and focus more on the healthy fats that I have described previously, quality organic vegetables/fruits and grass fed protein.  They also need to take a serious look at the milk and dairy recommendations.  I truly believe that people mean very well and they try their best to form a paradigm with the data they have at the time.  With that being said, research and education evolves and so to should the dietary recommendations that are still in our schools and medical offices.  Unfortunately, society has never been more ill and overweight.  That in itself should tell you something about how people have been eating over the past 40 years.  Seek a qualified practitioner and really test them on their skill and knowledge base.  See if they have evolved with the times and follow the current literature and research.  It will allow you to lead a life of sustained health and vibrancy.

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