Let’s start with some factual information.  Insulin levels are high in the morning and most people grab cereals, bread or bagels which increases insulin even more leading to a midday crash.   Even the healthy carbs like vegetables and fruits are best to have in moderation in the morning so you can level out your insulin levels and not have the highs and lows that come with blood sugar fluctuation.  Traditional recommendations have been to start your day with lots of carbohydrates and then have more protein later in the day.  I can surmise a general observation that diabetes and obesity have never been at higher rates than in the past five years and people are consuming energy drinks at an alarming rate.   Take a look around your office or workplace and look at all the people grabbing a coffee or energy drink at 2 or 3 p.m.  They are looking for excessive caffeine or sugar to prop up declining blood sugar levels or even hypoglycemia.  You see when you have carbs like bagels, bread, cereal in the morning, your blood sugar levels rise, insulin is produced by the pancreas to carry the excess sugar to the cells.  If the cells are full, the excess sugar is sent back to the liver (glycogen) for use later on and/or it is stored as fat.  My recommendation is to start your day off with more protein and healthy fats.  This will normalize your blood sugar and insulin levels in the body and give you sustained energy.


The second step is to have more healthy carbs in the afternoon to keep the sugar levels normalized and a steady balance within the body.   Again, this goes against the conventional model you have been taught but it works at reducing fat and keeping your energy levels naturally high throughout the day.  I would go with some lean meat and avocados, almond butter in the morning with one vegetable and some more vegetables and a couple of fruits in the afternoon augmented with some more meat/eggs and coconut, nut butter, etc.  Try it out and see how it works.  This is from a mentor of mine whom I respect in the health field.  Dr. Sara Gottfried states: “Focus on protein and healthy fats in the morning and carbohydrates in the evening. We tend to be more insulin-resistant in the morning so if we eat carbohydrates at that time, like fruits and grains, we will store it as fat more quickly.”  14


14 http://www.saragottfriedmd.com/7-essential-steps-in-resetting-your-bodys-natural-clock/




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