Hormone Balancing Herbs and Botanicals

Before we list some supplements that may help you with your condition, please be sure to see a qualified practitioner who knows your specific case and has run some labs on you to see where you are out of balance.  I never give out supplements or hormones unless I have seen the patient in my office and have run the required labs.  Health is not a game and should be looked at with the utmost care.  These are simple recommendations that have worked for my patients that have shown these symptoms.

Energy and Stress

This is probably the one area where almost everyone struggles with.  They have so much stress in their life from finances, children and personal issues to career considerations.  I see executives, doctors, teachers, business owners and just about every profession all day long in my office to deal with these chronic concerns.  They are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  Two of the most common herbs for low energy are licorice root and ginseng.  Licorice root contains compounds called flavonoids and the herb’s key therapeutic benefit is found in glycyrrhizin.  I have personally taken licorice root and I noticed an increase in energy almost immediately.  It has many beneficial effects on the body but it should be noted that it is not to be taken by individuals who have high blood pressure.  Consult your physician or practitioner before taking it.  Ginseng is also used to increase energy and it is plant based that comes in a variety of forms (American, Asian, Siberian, etc.).  I typically give this to patients who need a boost but cannot tolerate the licorice root.


From a stress perspective, when my clients have high cortisol, we can use Rhodiola and low cortisol equals Licorice Root or ginseng as mentioned above.  Rhodiola is known as Rhodiola rosea, (other names include Arctic or Golden Root).  It is generally classed as plants and fungi which are also named adaptogens.  An adaptogen just means that it helps the body adapt to physical, chemical or environmental stress.   Rhodiola rosea relieves stress by balancing the body’s stress-response system. The Russians have also used it over the years for strength, endurance and to fight off depression.  It is grown in the arctic areas of Europe and Asia.




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