I get asked this question about 20 times a week so I wanted to do a quick e-mail on the top supplement brands we recommend (when necessary) and the four main labs we run on patients who are looking for a snapshot of their health when they don’t feel well but can’t get the proper answers or labs from their GP or MD.  I will keep this nice and short which is abnormal for me.  : )


Top Labs

  1. GI MAPS from Diagnostics Solutions Laboratory for gut health.
  2. Full Thyroid Panel from Spectracell
  3. DUTCH Panel from Precision Analytical for hormone imbalances/mood/energy/weight gain
  4. Cardio Metabolic Panel from Spectracell for heart health


Top Supplement Brands (and quality matters).  We prefer quality food first but sometimes that is not enough.

  1. Pure Encapsulations
  2. Designs For Health
  3. NFH
  4. Douglas Laboratories

Always here to help and feel free to schedule a consultation to “know your numbers” and then implement a protocol to health and vitality.  Enjoy.


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