No two individuals are alike and their physiology is different as well. I will just give you what we do with our patients and what works with our clients. They are all different as well and you should always seek the advice of your primary care provider first as they are the ones with your lab data and vitals. This is simply a short fyi due to time and generalities.

In our practice, we need to know your numbers/data so we can run specialized labs like genetic testing (where required for special cases) and a cardio metabolic panel so we know exactly what your blood work looks like and where you are deficient and/or where you are above range (markers like omega 3’s, 6’s, inflammation in body, diabetes risk, size of ldl and hdl particles, metabolic risk assessment, etc.). See link.

My Favorite Heart Lab From Spectracell

So why would we run a genetic test for example. If you carry a certain type of the APOE gene, you don’t do well with saturated fats in your diet as this could increase your risk of heart disease. People who don’t have that gene (for example) could eat some saturated fats and do just fine. This is where the next generation of medicine and health are going with personalized testing.

We also run the Spectracell test because it may reveal that you are low in omega 3’s, EPA, DHA, etc. for example and hence you will want to increase your intake of fish or plant based omega 3’s (chia and flax seeds) to elevate your levels and improve your health. Make sense so far? We can also run gut labs and thyroid panels to ensure there are no metabolism or parasites and bad bacteria that are hindering your weight loss issues. I see this all the time in our practice so we like to know where each person is at before we start.

Sorry for clarifying for so long but the aforementioned is important and it is your health which takes precedence. To answer your question from a generic perspective, people usually have a set body point and weight that your body resorts back to. So if you have been 200 lbs for 20 years and you want to lose 40 lbs in six months, your body wants to get healthy and lose the weight but it keeps defaulting back to the set point of where it was for the past 20 years. The second part of this is psychological. Most people use will power for 15, 30 or even 60 days to eat well, workout and lose the weight but unless they build the structure, rituals and discipline into the program and make it subconscious, most will default back to their old patterns after 30 or 60 days. That is why most gyms are busy in January but fade drastically in mid – Feb or March. They lost the will power battle and didn’t build in the rituals or standards to keep them going long term. This is a major hurdle for many people and an accountability partner will help here. Mindset and goals are really important.

What we really focus on with patients and clients is the nutrition plan and exercise. Again, we don’t have your specifics and this is just a general statement but most people can’t lose weight because they are using the wrong methodology. They are referencing food guides that are 40 years old and unfortunately have contributed to some serious weight issues you see in society today. It is not your fault as you are just following what people perceived as correct for the past 40 years but in my practice, the ones who lose the weight and keep it off, don’t have 5 – 12 servings each day of cereals, breads, bagels, etc. Again, in my opinion, those carbs listed at the quantities they recommend are a recipe for weight gain. In general (I have to keep saying that as no two people are alike), a balanced diet of healthy fats, protein and good carbs (like fruits and vegetables listed below) in the proper portions is a good place to start and lose weight. You can augment this with a solid workout program for your body type and you are on your way. Always here to help and do with this information as you choose. It is not medical advice as I am not your doctor. It is only based on my experience in working with thousands of clients. Good luck friend.

Tips To Lose Fat

Reference for genes:

Eating right for your APOE gene

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