I literally see hundreds of clients and patients each year and many of them do very well.  The ones who perform the best are the ones who take consistent action over an extended period of time.  They are accountable and take ownership for their health and vitality.  I feel blessed and honoured to provide the guidance and paradigms that allow them to fulfill their goals.   This article is not directed at them but rather the general public who is constantly inquiring about help but never follows through on the information presented to them.  I have some people who have literally e-mailed me twice a year for ten years asking the same questions about how to lose weight and get healthy but never implementing the guidance I provide (and most of the time at no charge).  Now I fully understand that people will take action when they are truly invested and vested into the program but I feel it is my obligation and duty to help as many people as possible when financial limitations inhibit them from joining our program.  Here are transparent and candid reasons why you can’t lose weight and make progress and they have nothing to do with lab testing or physical limitations.  These focus on the psychological and mindset concerns.


Let’s be honest.   With the advent of the internet and thousands of health experts out there, you have to be seriously disconnected from life to not be inundated with people telling you what to eat and how to work-out.  Most people know the proper foods to eat but they fail miserably because instead of selecting the healthy options, they opt for comfort food that tastes great for the moment but destroys your health in the long term and alters your mood and mental state.  People want the quick fix and something that offers satiety right then and there.  They did a 30 year study where they offered children snacks and they had the option to eat it right away or delay it for 15 minutes.  The ones who delayed eating the treats (Marshmallow study) for a 15 minute period performed better in life at educational attainment, SAT scores, BMI index, etc.  The point is people would rather eat poor quality food that fills a void instantly than take the time to make real, healthy food.  Does this sound like you?


Sometimes the truth hurts but you need it in order to understand your situation and why you do not have the body or life you desire.  I find that too many people are not disciplined enough and lack consistency.  They keep trying the latest diets or fads for three, seven or 20 days but give up because they are not seeing sufficient gains.  If it took you thirty years to put yourself into this position, it will certainly take you longer than two weeks to get you out of this predicament.  You have to build in rituals and standards that adhere to healthy living and sustainable progress.  As Tony Robbins says, people take massive action when their “shoulds become musts”.  If you keep saying I should go to the gym or I should lose weight, you will find that it rarely happens.  Embed the words I must do this or I must do that in your mind.  Once you do this, your subconscious will make it a priority and you will get it done.  If someone was trying to take your child away from you, I guarantee you wouldn’t give up after three weeks.  Stay the course and dedicate your life to health as this is the only body you have.  Once you destroy it, there is no second chance.


In working with patients all day long, I get to see the adverse effects that stress has on the body.  I see the adrenal glands being exhausted, the sympathetic nervous system overwhelmed, neural tissue degradation, weight gain, hormone imbalances, blood sugar issues and so many more.  What causes a majority of these symptoms are people stressing and worrying about everything in life.  They worry about their finances, relationships, friends, social media, family, etc. The impact that stress has on the body is profound and one of the leading causes of death.  I see it every day when I run functional medicine labs on patients.  A major contributor to chronic stress is that people simply don’t believe circumstances and events will work out.  They don’t have a strong enough belief system that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and they don’t trust the process.  When you live your life with integrity and honesty, things will work out in your favour over the long run.  Have faith in something greater than yourself and your stress will dissipate.  This will provide you with an inner peace and calm that will improve the quality of your health and life.


The last point I want to mention is that most people don’t take ownership and they blame everyone else.  It is so easy to validate your failures by saying it was your friends, neighbours, colleagues, brother’s/sister’s fault.  You see when you don’t take ownership, it gives you an out but you also transfer all of your power over to the person you are blaming.  It shows me that they have control over your life because they are “supposedly” causing your failure.  It is like saying I am big boned and that is why I cannot lose weight.  You are effectively blaming your genetics and taking all responsibility off your actions.  When people blame genetics, they simply don’t even start or try to change.  You need to be accountable and take ownership for what you are doing.  You need to address your starting point and then formulate a plan to achieve your goals.  I know this may seem harsh for some people but I find that many people require tough love to take action.  Nurturing and being too soft for adults will keep them in their same comfort zone and rarely lead to progressive, sustainable change.





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