This is one of the top three complaints that I receive questions on.  People are gaining weight, feeling tired, cold, losing their hair, etc.  No matter what they do, they keep gaining weight and they feel as if their metabolism is slowing down.  Most will just get one panel run from their doctor and that is usually just their TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).  Unfortunately that number alone or even the t3 or t4 are not sufficient and many people with a thyroid condition go undiagnosed due to outdated tested methods.  The full panel from Spectracell measures TSH, Free T3, Free T4, T4 Total, Thyroglobulin, Thyroxine-Binding Globulin, Anti-Thyroglobulin Ab and Anti-TPO Ab.  It measures antibodies, potential irregularities with the thyroid and much more.  I recommend this test for patients that want to have a comprehensive review.   We can run various labs to test thyroid function so please consult our office if you feel you have any concerns.

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