Stress Reduction Techniques


Now if you asked me 15 years ago if this was important, I would have had a different answer.  With that being said, stress reduction is more important for some people to start with than exercise.  In 2016, more people spend their day in perpetual motion burning through their stress and sex hormones only to find themselves on long term disability or with a serious illness.  I see it every day in my practice and it is a major catalyst for writing this book.  One of the more practical ways to heal the body is through stress reduction techniques.  This includes meditation, yoga, prayer, spiritual guidance, quiet time and the like.  It is a time where you start to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and regenerate the body.  It is also an important time to connect with your soul and listen to your real purpose and calling in life.  As I have said many times, my quiet time is in the evening when the kids are asleep and I run a nice warm bath with Epsom salts.  The magnesium calms you and I put on some theta state music to slow my brain waves down so I can listen to the quiet voice that directs my life.  It is very important for everyone to do this and especially relevant for people with children, careers, etc.



So what exactly is meditation and how can it help you?  In simplistic terms, meditation is a way of transforming the mind.  To me, meditation is a way of connecting your mind to your soul and being one with your entire body.  You can do this through quiet time, breathing techniques, listening to music and deep concentration.  This is a time when you let your mind go and bring into your world what you desire and aspire to be.  Focus on positivity, bliss, peace, harmony, congruency, calm, love and any other form of awakening that will progress you forward in this material world.  You are a spiritual being having a material existence.   By being still and silent, you start to understand what your mind and soul require.  You start to manifest what is truly important in life and what will bring you closer to peace.  Meditation has been around for thousands of years and dates back to ancient times.  Many people associate meditation with the Buddha and they are one of the biggest proponents of meditation.  Buddhists have been practicing as early back as 500 Before Christ (BC) and we can all learn from their techniques and wisdom




Prayer is another fundamental technique you should use when practicing stress reduction.  It is much more involved and deeper than meditation and it is direct relationship with God.  There are many religions around the world and they all have their own form of prayer. It is done with sincerity, openness and humility.  You are professing your dependence upon God and exercising your Faith and hope in him.  As a family, we reserve our prayer time for Sunday mornings and each night before our family goes to bed.  We talk with God and show love and praise for that day and forthcoming events.  We thank Him for what we have in our life and to bless the people around us with His glory.  Personally, it is a very quiet connection like no other.  Your Saviour is literally the only one that can change your life in an instant.  I was born and raised in a Catholic Church and we practice our values each and every day.  Not every day will be perfect but we all were born imperfect with the potential to improve every day.

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