The past is just electricity in your mind and the future is not guaranteed. Now is the only time you can control and the only time that is real. Look people in the eye, listen to what is being said and be engaged in the discussion. When we are present, we are showing that we care and this is when we retain information and enhance our memory. Too many people are upset about past transgressions or who did them wrong. They are equally pre-occupied with the future and that is mostly filled with negative thoughts as well. Both of these mindsets steal your current joy and keep you out of living in the present. This is not the way you were intended to live. Think of a time when you were conversing with someone but they really weren’t paying attention. How did that make you feel? They were distracted and then you became irritated, and now the encounter was not valuable to either party. This happens all the time in my practice where people tell me they barely get through the day and rarely enjoy interacting with people. They are not happy with who they have become and they are anxious and worried all the time. One way we work through this is by having them stay present and take each day in 10 to 15 minute increments. This allows them to release that mindset of the day or project being too overwhelming. When we break everything down into small segments, it makes everything seem much easier and gives them that forward momentum. Progression is key for everyone.

How many times do you get to enjoy a nice meal or dinner date out? How often do you allocate time to play with children? Do you know why children ask so many questions? They do because they haven’t be molded or programmed by society yet. They still have an inquisitive brain and great hopes and dreams. They see opportunity and abundance and play without a care in the world. They are typically happy and jovial. They have this beauty about them that has not been tarnished. I encourage you to spend some time with children and be present with their activity. They will teach you so much about yourself that you never knew existed. There is a pureness to them that cannot be described in words. I would also recommend that you take full advantage of the day. Don’t waste time and use every minute you have.

All we have is 24 hours in a day. What it comes down to is how each of us utilize it. Once it is gone, we cannot get it back. It is the common denominator which is why time management is so fundamentally important. Be present, utilize your resources effectively and enjoy the people and opportunities that are right before your eyes. Don’t be distracted by fear which has also been described as (false evidence appearing real) or poor decisions of the past. Live with a prosperity mindset of abundance and not lack. When you live like this, you will attract more of it into your life.

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