When someone mentions the word belief to you, what comes to mind? What are beliefs and how do they shape your life? Before I get into the how your beliefs play an integral part in your life, it is best to fully understand the meaning and relevance of this word. Beliefs are the mental attitude that some position is true. Your behaviour depends on your beliefs. Everything can be traced back to them. They govern your thoughts, words, and actions. Beliefs are the ideas you have a commitment to, and support. They are the views and opinions that you have accumulated and that represent you. Your beliefs are positions that you endorse and they dictate your approach and outlook to life. These are indeed very powerful and profound statements.

“Thought are things, beliefs make them so and actions solidify your beliefs. ” JB Glossinger.

What you believe is what you stand for. Beliefs can be justified if they closely correspond with objective reality (the correspondence theory of truth). One way we suspect our beliefs correspond with reality is if our actions, based on those beliefs, lead to successful outcomes. Another way is when we compare our meanings and interpretations with other people who seem to agree with ours. How do we acquire justified beliefs? For most of life, the acquisition of beliefs is based on learning from experience. It is also based on studying successful people and events of historical significance. My opinion is that if you don’t put action behind your beliefs, then you really don’t believe it. If you did, you would move forward with action.

Three fundamental Beliefs that all human beings should hold:

Belief in yourself. There are over 7 billion people in this world and no two people are the same. Twins are even born with different phenotypes. You are a unique individual and have inherent talents and traits that no one else has. You were created for a purpose and must have a firm belief of that. It is your responsibility to understand and develop those genetic talents and use them for the greater good. Unfortunately too many people feel they are not good enough, inferior, scared or living in fear. People have put you down in the past and now you have deviated from the innate ability that you were born with. This is a fundamental inhibitor and flaw that you must overcome. It will hold you back from your dreams, from healthy relationships and growing into the person you were intended to become. You are special, unique and one of a kind. Don’t ever forget that.

Belief in your “God” given ability. Your higher power wouldn’t have put those thoughts and dreams in your mind if they didn’t think you could fulfill them well. They are put in your mind because you have the talent to bring them to pass. For example, I have never had the thought or idea to become a mechanic or fix cars. Why, because I am terrible at it and wouldn’t do well. Some would say I have never had the urge to sing in public. Why? Because I would likely break windows. All kidding aside, you know your God given abilities and what you can do well. If you don’t, ask your friends and family and they will guide you and tell you what you are very good at. These talents and abilities you have were hand selected for you and only you. Take the time and really get to know yourself, the genetic talents you were born with and then spend a lifetime honing them and making them that much better. A great example of this is Sidney Crosby from the Pittsburgh Penguins. This gentleman was born with the ability to play hockey at an elite level. He recognized this talent at a young age and then spent countless hours perfecting his craft every day. He is now one of the best players in the NHL.

Belief in that what you are doing is making an impact or difference in the world. What you know or have to offer is something that someone else requires or needs. Examples can be advice, a service, help, influence, etc. You have these abilities and acquired skills that many people are yearning for. It is your responsibility to pass them on and make this world a better place for yourself and the next generation. Try and appeal to as many people as possible and influence the greater masses with your talents. The Dalai lama, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and the list goes on and on of people who took their God given talents and spread them across the globe to make this world a better and more efficient place. It is your turn to find out what you do well and transform that into a valued skill that many people will require. I fully know that it is in you and just waiting to be unleashed. Believe in yourself and your potential is endless.

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