Love this article by Tony Robbins in leading the life you want.  Many people are caught up in overthinking and paralysis by analysis and they never make the effort to put in the work and action that will cause lasting change.  Enjoy.

Don’t like your body? Your relationship? Your job? 


We all get caught up in our own self-doubt. However, if you get in your head, you’re dead. The brain is a great tool to strategize with, but there’s a point where you have to use your heart, put yourself on the line, and do something. Instead of thinking too much, commit to a decision, act on it, and move yourself forward. 

What’s one small decision you could make right now that would take you in the direction you need to go? What’s a big decision that might be really tough, but if you made it, it would take you in a new direction in your life? 

A lot of people tend to make “sorta kinda” decisions. Here’s the secret behind why people don’t follow through: The reason people don’t commit to a decision is that they don’t act on it. 

You may have thought that it’s the other way around – that you have to commit to a decision before you act on it. But the only way to prove to yourself that you’re completely committed to a decision and are going to follow through is if you push yourself to take the first step – which is the hardest step to take.

“Daily action ignites the momentum that creates lasting change”

If you don’t act, your dreams will die in your mind. When you make a decision, commit yourself to it by taking the first step toward it right then and there. Otherwise, you’ll go home, get caught up in the 87 other things you need to do, and you won’t make any headway. Take some form of action that will move you in the direction you want to go.

Find someone who has achieved the results that you want – they lost 30 pounds, or they have their dream career, or they’re just truly happy with their life. Finding someone who inspires you in this way is called modeling, and it’s a great way to determine the steps you need to take to reach your goal. Find out what steps this person took to get where they are today. What decision did they commit to and act on that pushed them forward and made them take that first step into the future they wanted?


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