The 5 most powerful foods to trigger your fat burning hormones


I would say most weight loss programs don’t address the hormones that trigger fat loss. Instead they’re more about cutting calories and portion control. As you age you need to start looking at the relationship between hormones and certain foods especially the fat burning foods.


So the top 5 foods that will help you burn fat are:


1. Eggs

Eggs are such a complete food. It has nearly every single nutrient your body needs. You could pretty much live on them. Eggs are at the top of the list because they contain hardly any carbohydrates so you won’t get an insulin spike which is a fat making hormone. They’re also a great protein food so they WILL stimulate fat burning.


2. Spirulina

Spirulina has 60% protein, thats more protein per weight than red meat. It has 94 trace minerals and elements. Because its so nutrient dense it triggers the fat burning process very well.


3. Coconut Oil

My favourite. Coconut oil is a proven fat burner, especially in the abdomen. It boosts metabolism and reduces cravings.


4. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds actually have all 9 amino acids and it triggers the fat burning hormone called growth hormone. It stimulates the growth hormone because it has arginine. Growth hormone is anti-aging its the main fat burning hormone. It also contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids which help to restore a good metabolism.


5. Kale

Kale is probably the most nutrient dense food on the planet.  Kale has a lot of Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and potassium which help to reduce cravings. I have it in a smoothie in the morning to help towards by 7 cups of veggies per day.


Try this for breakfast.


Kale Smoothie with Scrambled Eggs

3 stems of kale, storks and all

1 cup of frozen mixed berries

1 piece of pineapple, fresh or canned

1 Tbsp of flaxseeds

1 cup coconut water or filtered water

Blend for 3 minutes

4 eggs lightly scrambled with a pinch of Himalayan Rock salt


Foods and products that hinder weight loss


  •  Alcohol – Not only does alcohol trigger insulin and cause weight gain, but it also destroys the liver
  •  Caffeinated Products – Caffeine accelerates and weakens the adrenal glands and liver.  It also irritates the       gallbladder.  It will increase cortisol, which puts fat into and around the abdominal organs.
  •     Drugs – Medications of all kinds have side effects on the glands, especially the liver.
  •     Growth Hormones – The animals whose products we eat, including farm-raised fish, are fed growth hormones.
  •     Endocrine Disruptors – Pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, etc., can all mimic estrogen within your glands.
  •     Food and Cosmetic Chemicals – Food preservatives, food dyes, synthetic sugars, and hydrogenated oils, all have a bad effect on our glands.  Also, skin creams, makeup, shampoos and perfumes can easily absorb through your skin and end up in your liver.



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