Team, I wanted to share this great page and interview that a mentor of mine in Ben Greenfield conducted.  There are so many great pieces of information in here augmented with many resources on top books on cancer, techniques and steps to improve your health and so much more.  I found it very informative and practical.  I also see similar situations in my practice and felt compelled to share.  Enjoy the podcast interview and all of the resources attached.  All credit goes to Ben and here is the link.  Again, I am not your primary care provider so always speak with your GP or MD first.  This is only intended as an FYI and to illustrate how other people are overcoming illness.  This is not medical advice.  Thanks


How To Cure Yourself Of Cancer: An Epic Interview With A Man Who Defied Conventional Medicine & Cured Himself Of Prostate Cancer.



My guest on today’s podcast, Eric Remensperger, has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. He is a partner at a major law firm, Proskauer, where he heads up the West Coast real estate practice.

But that’s not the most interesting part. Eric is also a major-league biohacker who has cured himself of cancer.

I first met Eric at the PaleofX conference last May, and you may have seen his “daily shake” ingredients which appeared at the end of a blog I posted in July of last year entitled “6 Crazy, Exotic Superfood Cocktails, Shakes & Mind-Bending Recipes”…

I ran into Eric again in December at the Runga event in Costa Rica, where he told me an incredible story about how his life had changed. In a nutshell, his decades long obsession with health and wellness hit the fastlane when he was diagnosed last spring with stage IV prostate cancer (with a Gleason score of 9), and as a result of that he did an incredibly deep dive into the science behind cancer and the various treatment protocols, some of which I’m sure we’ll get into on the podcast.

For those of you who are concerned about cancer, or have been touched by it, I think you will find this a very interesting conversation.

As a non-health-care professional who has gone from stage IV metastatic cancer to full remission, Eric can speak freely about his experiences and what he has learned (and continues to learn) about the theories on the causes of cancer and the premises behind the various treatment modalities. His goal is to assist those who wish to take charge of their own care by providing the information needed to better assist them in working with their doctors and healthcare professionals to find the best path to manage the disease by shifting from “cancering” to the body’s natural state of “healing”. Eric lives in Santa Monica, CA, where he is an advanced yogi and a health nut.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-How Eric went from a cigarette-smoking, divorced lawyer to a complete yogi enthusiast and health nut, far before he found out he had cancer…[10:22]

-The one book that stood out from the 21 books Eric read in the 14 days after discovering he had cancer…[24:05]

-How “Qi” stagnation and emotional issues can cause cancer…[28:50]

-The fascinating experiments by Wilhelm Reich in which he discovered something called “bions” that can precede cancer…[42:00]

-The way that quantum physics and vibrational energies can allow you to believe yourself into a state of sickness (and vice versa)…[49:20]

-The importance difference between nutritional ketosis and therapeutic ketosis…[52:25]

-What Eric discovered about deuterium depletion and it’s link to cancer…[54:25]

-The one pharmaceutical anti-fungal drug that Eric takes and recommends looking into for anyone who has cancer…[57:40]

-Why Eric swears by a one-two combo of hyperbaric oxygen and ozone therapy via rectal insufflation for killing cancer cells…[59:05]

-Why Eric completely shut down his testosterone levels and chemically castrated himself…[66:45]

-The role of apricot pits and wormwood toxins for shutting down cancer cells…[71:10]

-The Pau D’ Arco tea blend that both Ben and Eric drink every day to support their mitochondria and cellular health…[74:00]

-Why sunlight is crucial to producing something called “GcMAF”, a crucial component of your immune system…[76:42]

-And much more!

Resources from this episode:

Eric’s Quest to Cure Cancer website

6 Crazy, Exotic Superfood Cocktails, Shakes & Mind-Bending Recipes

-Book: Tripping Over The Truth – The Metabolic Theory Of Cancer

-Book: Bion Experiments by Wilhelm Reich

-Book: The Cancer Biopathy by Wilhelm Reich

-Book: Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

-Podcast: Podcast On Fixing Your Mitochondria With Dr. Joe Mercola

-Podcast: Why You’ve Been Lied To About Cancer & What You Can Do About It

-Podcast: The Mold-Cancer Link, Resetting Your Nervous System, Dry Fasting, Nanonutrients & More With Ian Clark

Article: Do Muscle Building Supplements Really Cause Cancer?

Article: Why You Get Cancer And What You Can Do About It

Article: Did Lebron James’ Cell Phone Give Him Mouth Cancer?

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