How Bad Do You Want It?

I just spent a day with Les Brown in Toronto and he was excellent in delivering the opening presentation. The main point I took away from his performance was that he attributes much of his success today to that fact “he was hungry.” He was influenced by a man who said that nobody can ever tell you who you are. They don’t dictate your future rather you will become who you believe you are. Believe in yourself and that will manifest into greatness. I can’t tell you enough times how true these words are. God and you dictate your destiny.

No other human being on this planet can hold you back if you are determined to fulfill your purpose. What you need to do is discover your purpose and then formulate a plan to achieve it. Once you are committed to the process of following your dream, then it is time to execute and take action. There are sacrifices required in the beginning so you can be truly fulfilled in due time. Some call it delayed gratification. This is where you avoid impulse and instant gratification for a much more appealing long term result. It is also in this journey where you will grow as a person. A friend who is going through to be a surgeon said they are doing so to give back to the world but also because the fulfillment will be worth the 14 years of school. This takes a great deal of patience but they are putting in the work up front to enjoy a life of abundance later on. I commend them for that.

At the end of the day, it will all come down to your willingness to move forward and fulfill your mission in this world. We all have one and at what stage of your life do you move towards it? The old adage says the teacher will appear when the student is ready. Are you ready? Are you willing to undertake your transformation and seek out your purpose? The best time to start is right now. Don’t ignore your calling anymore. The longer you wait, the less time you have to change lives and impact the world. People right now are waiting for your message. They need you and what you can offer them. Shake off the negative thoughts and poor conditioning from your past and grasp a mindset of growth and prosperity. How badly do you want it for yourself, your family and your legacy?

After many years of personal and professional transformation, I can honestly say that I have never felt more confident in the direction I am going. From a professional perspective, I have transitioned from IBM and corporate to my full time functional medicine practice called Interactive Body Balance. I get to transform lives every single day and the success stories are very humbling but very real. Making an impact on someone’s life is the greatest joy. Humanity genuinely would rather give than receive. They take pride in helping others and in seeing them happy. I have implemented all of the aforementioned recommendations in my daily life.

These steps have enabled me to operate my own business and create the career I have always wanted. No experience in life is without value and purpose; you learn from every single moment in your life. Whatever you want to achieve from a professional standpoint must formulate in your mind, be developed through education and then implemented through massive action. Go out and get what you deserve. Nobody can take your inner value away from you. You have worked hard, acquired many intangible and tangible skills and you must now provide this world with your value.  My personal life in my late teens and early twenties was at best inconsistent and at worst, lacking any substantial direction. I lived for the moment and the instant gratification. That has since made a complete 180 degree turnaround for the better. I straightened around my priorities, took time to understand the human mind and relationships and have since been blessed with the most loving, wonderful family a man could ever ask for. It took many difficult years and self-improvement but once I improved myself, God placed my wonderful wife Heather into my life. She has a pure heart with unconditional love for myself and our four children. I have never met a more selfless person who puts other people’s happiness before hers. I can now say that I am blessed to have two special ladies in my life that do this and I see these same tendencies in our beautiful daughter Haven who I have always called “my Heaven”. From my mother to my wife and now our daughter. These are the Angels that I am fortunate to have surround me.

I am a firm believer of timing and that people are put into your life at the exact moment they are supposed to be there. Taking the time to improve and understand myself has allowed me to be a better father to our three boys as well. Following the principles outlined above, I instill these same values into our children. Our “captain” Caiden was my first biological gift from above and he follows what daddy does every step of the way. We recently won a provincial tournament in London and the team celebrated with drinking champagne from the trophy. A month later he said Dad, you didn’t drink the champagne did you? I though why is he asking me this now. The intriguing part was that he was right but the point is he looks up to me and his mother to lead them by example. There is nothing wrong with celebrating and enjoying a beverage but he is so perceptive and that would not have been a representation of my tendencies. My stepson Jacob and our baby boy Caleb who just turned one make our family complete. We have been blessed from above. Heather and I take great pride in guiding our children. All four of them are the future and will carry on the morals and values that we teach them. Try and do the best for your children, your friends, family and even the stranger you greet on the road. Leave this world a better place than when you found it.

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