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I hope you are enjoying the heat as we are “baking” here in Southern Ontario with record breaking temperatures. Please take the necessary precautions and assist the elderly and children where appropriate. With that being said, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about how an individual should approach getting started on a workout/nutrition program and what they can do to start losing the weight that has been bothering them in one form or another.

One thing you will learn quickly with me is I am about as direct as I can be and will tell you exactly what I think. Sometimes you won’t like what you hear but it is for your development and guidance. The first step is for you to write down exactly and I mean exactly what you eat for a period of time (say a week). This includes your “Timmy runs”, late night snacks, stress relief snacks (and I see a lot of them in the corporate world), emotional food, lunch, dinner, etc. Once you do this, then you can bring it to a qualified professional or do your own research on where you measure up in terms of consuming the proper and right amount of nutrients/food. During this phase, you will then need to really think and visualize what you want to look like and the incremental goals you want to attain.

What do you want to achieve?

Once this has been formulated or in conjunction with this, you will then need to allocate that 45 minutes or one hour a day for working out/physical activity. This would be over the course of three to five days a week. This means planning your day that previously didn’t include working out with the necessary adjustments. May seem hard to do at first but trust me when I say it becomes second nature and you won’t want to miss your workout. The reason why I am giving a few tips on your new endeavour is because the best projects and the best results are achieved when people take the time to set up and formulate a plan.

There are a few “clichés” and quotes I like that still ring true.

“Practice makes perfect”

“fail to plan then plan to fail”

By putting some simple plans in place and articulating your thoughts shows you are committed and dedicated to what is about to follow. Until next time.


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