I want to talk today about a very unique hormone called Letptin. In particular, we will focus on Leptin reset and how it can help you in your weight loss journey. As I have said many times to my clients, if you want to control your weight, you must understand how your hormones work within their system. Weight training and nutrition are key components involved in weight loss or gain but the “magic bullet” lies within your endocrine system and how you can manipulate your hormones to produce the desired result. To get a better understanding on how you initiate a leptin reset, lets first understand what Leptin is. Leptin is a hormone that is protein based and made in your fat cells. It circulates throughout your blood stream and goes to your brain. It is basically your “thermostat” that tells your brain when you have enough energy stored in your fat cells to facilitate your normal activities and metabolic functions. Just think of it as a way of telling your brain when you are full. You just ate a large meal and your fat cells are full and your leptin sends a chemical message to the brain saying we are good here, you can stop eating. You now feel full and you stop eating.

Leptin reset is a way of taking leptin resistant individuals and making them leptin sensitive again. This will help you in your weight loss journey and regulate some of your key hormones. To know if you are leptin resistant or not, you can run some blood tests to check and see your reverse T3 levels. It will be elevated if you are. You should also run a salivary cortisol test and you will see this is higher later in the day as well. To get started, you must eliminate all foods that made you leptin resistant in the first place. Here is the protocol to follow in terms of timing and food. You should try to eat as soon as possible when you wake up in the morning (30-45 minutes after). Breakfast should have as little carbohydrates as possible (less than 40 grams) with the primary emphasis being on fats and proteins. A key protein measure can start between 60 – 80 grams of protein. You can tweak this a little bit depending on your hunger cravings throughout the day. If you don’t feel hungry until dinner, you body is most likely at homeostasis for you. If you can skip both meals you likely are overdoing it at breakfast. As for sources, most leading experts suggest pastured or organic eggs first, served with grass fed meats, poultry, or fish. Another option would be whey protein or protein shakes.

The last area I want to focus on are some hints and tips that you need to adhere to throughout the day. You must avoid snacking as snacking completely stresses the liver’s metabolism and is not recommended for optimal results. Your liver needs to re-learn how to use gluconeogenesis normally again throughout the day and when you sleep. It impairs the timing and circadian clocks that work in synergistially with Leptin. Try and eat three meals a day initially but as your hunger and cravings fade you can adapt to two a day later in the cycle. You must also avoid working out before or after breakfast. Working out should be done in the afternoon or early evening during a reset. Your last meal should be 4-5 hours before you go to bed. Typically this would be around 5:30 p.m. This will coincide with the evening hours and within an hour of sunset, start to dim the lights and make your surroundings as dark as possible. If you have trouble falling asleep, try and relax your mind when you first lay down. Meditative techniques are excellent for opening up your mind and allowing yourself to clear your mind from negative thoughts and worries. This should be enough to get you started and focused on how you can take back control of your hormones and be in alignment with yourself and your surroundings.

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