Some fascinating products that support brain and cellular health.  Many of my peers and mentors are seeing great results with their patients and I wanted to share.  FYI.  Leading edge science.


The Spectramini – User Manual

Basic System Multi-functional home therapy device

Recent studies conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have revealed possibly one of the greatest health breakthroughs of our time.  We will post the links at the end of the article but the short version is this.  The scientists discovered that stimulating the visual cortex of the brain with certain gamma frequencies drastically lowers plaque in the brain and also activates the cells that clean debris away.  They discovered that brain related issues associated with aging can be positively impacted through this 40hz gamma wave input.

When I saw their research I nearly wept.  I realized that equipment supplements that we already had in our company could be adjusted to produce the right frequency output to match the research conducted by MIT.  So we immediately went to work to put together a system that addresses this new information. 

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