To achieve the greatest benefit from exercise, it is important to develop an exercise program that allows you to work all the major muscle groups equally.

To increase muscle strength, follow this principle:
Increasing resistance plus maintaining the number of repetitions of an exercise result in increased muscle strength and training. To tone your body follow this principle: Decreasing resistance plus increasing the number of repetitions of an exercise results in increased body tone.

Once you feel comfortable with an exercise, you can change the resistance, the number of repetitions or the speed at which you do the exercise. It is not necessary to change all three variables. For example, let’s say that you are training at 50lbs and are perforoming the exercises 10 times in 3 minutes. When this becomes too easy, you may decide to move up lifting 60lbs for the same number of repetitions in the same amount of time. Lifting more weights fewer times most often develops muscle strength. To gain both muscle strength and endurance, it is recommended that you perform each exercise 15 to 20 reps per set.

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