These are tips I have learned as I have evolved and now pass on to my clients and patients. Kids are precious and we should guide them and help them be the best human beings they can be.  Enjoy.

1) Kids don’t really listen to what you say, they respond to how you act. Lead by example with your actions. If you want bright and motivated kids, you need to always be learning and motivating yourself. If you want them to respect other people and their friends/teachers, then you need to show that same respect to your wife or husband. If you want them to be on time and punctual, then you need to be punctual and show them the value of time. Always lead by your actions as that is what really means something in this world.

2) Teach them that skill and knowledge will only get you so far. What is the most important is work ethic. Teach them how to put in the work, how to see a project through to completion, how to appreciate the time and effort of projects. I have found that I learn the most during the process. The end result is just a culmination of the hard work and diligence during the process.

3) Always build their character and self confidence. I find that too many kids have low self esteem and this hinders their progress. Take time to tell them how special they are, how loved they are and how much they have to offer this world.

4) These are what I say to my kids each day. Always work hard, always add value to this world, always help other people and just smile and have some fun.

Here is a video I share with my young patients. Enjoy.

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