Support Network

Your development and progress are augmented by the support network you have around you. This includes family, friends, co-workers, peers, mentors, spiritual advisors and anyone who comes across your path. This is especially true for people who may not have a mother or father who is actively a part of their life. But be very selective on whom you allow in your inner circle as some people may not want you to succeed; not everyone likes someone with ambition, goals and dreams. They may say negative things or tell you why you can’t do it. Remember that this is a reflection of their own self-worth; they are not happy with themselves and they don’t want to be left behind. JB Glossinger once said “People want you to be successful just not as successful as them.” Misery loves company and you have to guard against that.

Life is about forming relationships with positive people and having abundance in your life. There are so many wonderful and fascinating people in this world and no interaction is a mistake. I believe it is a divine connection orchestrated by something greater than yourself. If you didn’t have a mother or father you can turn your attention to a mentor or mother/father like figure. I am thankful to the many mentors that helped me during my transformation. Along with my parents and my current family, they helped guide me to become the person I am today.

I had two loving parents growing up and they helped me grow into adulthood. But it was my responsibility to continue my self-improvement from there. My mother was very strong and supportive and it was remarkable how much she could accomplish while being a teaching professional. My father was more of an authoritarian and liked things very structured. He always worked hard for the family and sacrificed relationships to always be at home. I will always be thankful as they each shaped my life in a different way. But, with that being said, it is up to each individual to continue on from childhood and find mentors who will augment what they already know. Always be learning, and always look for people that will help take you where you want to go. Look for strong morals and values and people who maintain a high level of integrity and standards.

Belief Systems and Rituals

Rituals and belief systems are very important and crucial to personal growth. I will use the analogy of a house and the foundation. You need the foundation and infrastructure to be built first before you can inhabit a house. Your belief system in the metaphysical realm is like that foundation. What do you value? What do you believe in? What level of standards do you hold? What are your rituals that you do every day that validate your beliefs? Understanding the foundational answers to these questions is essential because almost everything you do can be traced back to your standards and beliefs. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to believe in you? Do you think we are just here to do whatever we want with no repercussions or do we have a greater purpose? We all have a greater purpose and it is up to us to find that calling. Once we do, we are then responsible for acting on it in a positive way.

I get asked quite frequently what my belief system is and what rituals I perform on a daily basis. My belief is that we are here to add value to other human beings and to love and support each other while we are in this material world. I believe that every good deed goes noticed and there is someone keeping track of how you live your life. I believe there are no accidents and that everything and everyone has a purpose. We are spiritual beings living in a material world and our time on earth is limited. We need to share our talents with other people. My rituals begin with adhering too many of the principles I describe in this book. I get up around 5 a.m. each morning, give thanks for this life, my family and what I am about to accomplish during the day. I consistently nourish my body with healthy food and supplement where required. I work-out five to six days a week, meditate late at night before bed and attend church on Sundays with my family. I also ensure I treat people with respect and courtesy each and every day. I pride myself on being a role model for my family but also to strangers. I want people to be better off for having met me. We all have tough days but a smile, an embrace or a positive comment can change someone’s day or life. Never underestimate the power of influence and genuine sincerity.

People generally seek these three things in life: love, happiness and progress. Love is what makes people feel alive and vibrant. Happiness is derivative of love, but it can exist on its own when you are content and at peace with yourself. Love and happiness are common goals, but progress is less commonly considered. In my functional medicine practice, I see many patients who suffer from depression and everything seems so daunting to them. They look at the big picture and it overwhelms them. One approach to overcome this that I have found successful is to approach the day in 10 minute increments. Focus on what you need to do for the next 10 minutes, then another 10 and so forth. When you start chunking your life down and begin to make small, steady progress, you start to feel worthy. Remember that momentum is an action that can be unstoppable in both directions and once you start seeing progression, it begins to take on a life of its own. Progress is major key to life, so continually seek improvement and forward movement. It will do wonders for your inner soul and eventually your outward appearance.

Energy and Passion

If you want to feel energy and passion directly and intensely try going to a Live Tony Robbin’ event. I had the privilege and the experience was riveting. This is a gentlemen who grew up with very little and at the age of 17 was living on his own and down to his last few dollars. He developed an appreciation and purpose at a very young age that has literally transformed the world. He helps millions of people each day through his charities and events, and is an example of someone living with clarity and purpose. What is your energy and passion? What makes you happy? Everyone has an energy for something, but they may not know what that is yet. Energy is contagious. And when you are excited about your passion, it comes across to the people you interact with. You are so filled with enthusiasm that you cannot keep it contained; you want to share it with your peers, friends and clients.

What comes natural to you? For me, it is health and functional medicine. I have always had the urge to help people and find solutions to health problems. When I went  through difficult times 15 years ago, I researched everything I could and healed myself. When my father was diagnosed with tongue cancer, I immediately went into solution mode to try and find a natural remedy to heal him. He is a survivor and beat the cancer through hard work and determination. When I speak to audiences or on the radio I tell audiences that there is something inside of each person that only you have…and the world needs to hear it. It is your God given ability. You can either share with the world or hold within your soul. You need to find that talent and we need to hear it. Don’t deprive us of your innate ability.

Evolving Program

Life is not just about supplements or quick fixes. It is an evolving program of one percent a day. Strive for continual progress and small steps each and every moment. This journey is about the process and the learning as we go. This means both physical changes as well as physiological changes. Coaches and mentors learn as they evolve and clients do as well. Most people are excited or even fulfilled when they see and feel progress. They see they are moving closer towards their goals and dreams. It may not be happening today but it will happen in the future. You match hard work and determination with belief then you have an unstoppable force. Most people fail initially because they want the instant gratification and reward. That makes sense but as one client of mine articulated in his testimonial, “I didn’t seen any real weight loss in the first month and it was discouraging but I stayed the course. After the fourth week, the symptoms went away and I lost 30 pounds in four months.” When you follow the program and put forth the effort, results will become inevitable.

An evolving program is important. For example, when some professionals complete their university and receive their designation, they suddenly stop learning. For some reason, they feel that is the end and no further education is required. But would you be comfortable going to see a physician who is relying only on the facts/research that they learned 30 years ago? Of course not. Times change, research changes and solutions evolve. As a result, any professional should be allocating five to 10 hours a week in upgrading their credentials, reading, executing and growing as a person. I see many reviews online at iTunes about my style for our Interactive Body Balance podcast and they’re primarily around deviating from the normal or the latest in science and health. People seem to value the content and not what was lectured on 30 years ago. I pride myself on reading, listening and educating. I will be starting another course in two weeks and this is so I can be current and help my patients and clients. You should be doing the same as it keeps your mind alert and attentive.

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