Les Brown is an incredible success story. He was born with his twin brother in an abandoned building in a poor section of Miami, and was adopted soon afterwards by a single mother who worked menial jobs.

But Les Brown has since gone on to great triumph in life. After being declared educable mentally retarded in grade school, he was able to build self-esteem in high school through the assistance of his mother and a particularly helpful teacher, and went on to a long career in radio broadcasting, motivational speaking, and more. He went on to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives for 6 years.

Without further ado, we present Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules for Success.


Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules for Success

1. Believe in Yourself

One of the most important things in life is to believe in yourself, to focus on your own mindset. “Telling yourself everyday, this is my day, and I’ve got what it takes.” Believing in yourself when no one else does is one of the strongest characteristics a human can hold.

2. Go Above and Beyond; Amaze your Customers

Les Brown teaches the point that it is necessary in this customer-driven economy to not just serve your customers, but to actually amaze them. To go so far beyond what they expect that they are blown away. “Always explore various ways in which you can improve the quality of the service you provide.” This can also be related to personal relationships and interactions; always go above and beyond, do more than expected, under promise and over deliver, then sit back and watch the rewards roll in.

3. Take Full Responsibility for Your Life

Coming from someone with such a difficult start to life, this point is important. Early on, Les recognized that he had to accept where he was at. He couldn’t just be angry, he had to accept reality and move forward to improve it.
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4. Stand Up to Yourself

The biggest challenges in our lives are fundamentally internal. Yes, circumances in the world are troubling, even seeming insurmountable. But the inner negative conversation is the most insidious and dangerous enemy we face when we seek success. Conquer yourself and you can conquer anything.

5. Go All Out

“Activate the thinker in you,” Brown says. Otherwise our emotions will use us, control us, and drive us towards actions that are not helpful. Going all out means doing whatever it takes to make things happen in your life. Whatever it takes to make your business succeed, whatever it takes to get that dream job or raise. Do whatever it takes!

Les Brown’s Top 10 Rules for Success by Evan Carmichael on YouTube

6. Stay Busy

When Brown was fired from his longtime job at the radio station he began his career with, he didn’t quit or take a break. Instead, he stayed busy by running for election in the Ohio House of Representatives — and he won. Stay busy and keep planting seeds. Keep putting yourself out there, and something will happen.

7. Give More Than You Are Paid For

Success comes through hard work, and that is why it is critical to give more than you are expected to give. Don’t half-ass your life. You will be rewarded for hard work.

“The man who does more than he is paid, will always be paid for more than he does”

8. Someone’s Opinion is Not Your Reality

You will face defeats in your life. You will face those who doubt you, despise you even. But other people’s negative opinions about you do not determine your reality. You determine your reality.


9. You’re Different

If you truly want success in your field, you must believe and embrace the fact that you are different. Don’t you think that you perform better when you believe that you are the best? Build self-confidence by believing that you are different, then embody that difference.

10. Don’t Stop Running Towards Your Dream

This is Les Brown’s most important advice: never give up. You will have to make sacrifices to achieve your dreams, and you will doubt yourself, but don’t stop. That’s all. Don’t stop.

Source: http://www.fearlessmotivation.com/2016/01/27/les-browns-top-10-rules-for-success/




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