It is not too often that you come across labs that have the ability to transform your health and standard of living.  After studying this lab for the past six months and looking at the team they assembled from top doctors like Dr. Helen Messier, Dr. Alessio Fassano, leading Artificial Intelligence Designer from IBM (which is dear to my heart)  Guruduth Banavar and entrepreneur Naveen Jain, it is apparent that science meets technology in a way that can benefit people who suffer from chronic disease or even acute pain.  The ability to understand your DNA, RNA, gut microbiome and corresponding variables all in one lab makes it an excellent option for the general public.  The way in which your genes express themselves and how you can tailor your protocol to maximize your potential is where science and personalized healthcare is moving to.  Another mentor in Ben Greenfield surmises Viome in an articulate way in the link below.  Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions at all.

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