We cannot change our DNA or our history…and why would we? We are perfectly created exactly how God wanted us to be. We must instead turn our attention to understand who we are and why we are the person we are today. For most of us this is difficult and scary, but it is an essential starting point from which to grow into the person you wish to become. The Transformation from Within is a guide to find success, happiness and your true potential by nurturing your mind, body and spirit. Learn essential tips and techniques that will propel your personal improvement and a growing sense of ease with the world. Overcome the traditional roadblocks to fulfillment and understand the underlying reasons why you are unhappy…and ways to overcome them. “Have you ever wanted more out of life? Have you ever felt limited by the surroundings in which you were raised? Are you currently living beneath your potential? Have you ever struggled with an addiction? This book will give you the framework so you can rise above your embedded subconscious programs and how you can live a life of abundance and prosperity. We give you step by step recommendations on how you can turn strife and turmoil into productivity and growth. By changing your mindset, you can achieve your dreams and curate an environment of love and happiness.”

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