Steps and Actions to Affirm
Conditioning Your Mind, Body and Spirit

It is important to condition your mind, body and spirit. You are where you are because of the years of conditioning and behavior that you have experienced. In the first six to seven years of your life your brain is in “Theta State” and you are being subconsciously programmed by your family, friends and surroundings. This can be both good and bad. If you had loving, kind and helpful people surrounding you, then your programs will be built on this foundation. If your childhood was not so pleasant, then you will have the opposing subconscious programs built in. It is important to remember that you had no control over the programs – good or bad – that were instilled into your subconscious mind during this Theta State and a powerful perspective to gain in understanding why you are the way you are and at what stage you are currently at in building your inner self. Some people may be content where others are not happy. You have to make that change from this moment on. Start conditioning yourself with who you want to become and what you want in your life. This may indeed be a 180 degree shift, but it can be done. Remember that each day is a gift and you are well equipped with the tools to make it happen.


Allow your spirit to speak to you. There are both positive and negative events happening each day and you can’t control the world in which you live. What you can do, however, is decide which thoughts you will allow to proliferate within your mind and gain
traction. Energy will flow where your focus goes. You are literally what you think about so allow only positive thoughts to take root in your mind. This will create an environment that fosters success and creativity.

How do you condition your mind? Here are some techniques that are helpful in changing any negative programs you have embedded in your subconscious mind or to reaffirm your belief system.

1. Hypnotic behavior happens in “Theta” state. Humans are in this state primarily in the final two hours before you go to bed. You are also in this state 30 minutes after waking up. One final time is just after meditation. These are the best times to do the following, but can be used throughout the day as well:
a) Use affirmations like these:
I am a genius and use my mind, talents, gifts and abilities to produce value wealth.
I am living a life of divine purpose and destiny.
I am emotionally, mentally and psychologically sound.
I am focused and driven to create the life I want and deserve.

b) Visualization. Focus on positive mental images in order to achieve a particular goal.

c) Meditation. This stills the mind and your brain becomes more receptive and a fertile ground for whatever you want to implant.

d) Positive Self-Talk. We spend more time talking to ourselves than any other person. Our self-talk dictates our mood, behavior and decisions. Your subconscious mind believes whatever you tell it. It cannot differentiate between what is real or fake.

2. Be specific about what you want to change. For example, if you want to be free of addiction and have abundance into your life…then do not say, I don’t want this addiction or problem. It does no good to say do not, don’t, can’t, or won’t because the subconscious can’t decipher negative connotations. It will interpret your words as I want this addiction and I want to be broke. It is important to consider the difference and how your words and perspective should be cultivated.


3. Use Emotional Freedom Techniques. This involves tapping different points on your body and reaffirming what you want to change. I will discuss this in more detail in a forthcoming book.


4. Find successful people and emulate what you like about them. Mentors are valuable in your development and when you practice their methods you can move forward more productively. This will save you time and effort because they have spent years and decades working through similar problems.


5. Be Humble and open to new ideas that generate a positive response. People gravitate towards humble and caring people. It also shows self-confidence.

Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit

Pay close attention to your physical health. In my profession as a Functional Medical Practitioner and Personal Trainer I see too many people who are stressed out, fatigued, anxious, overweight, depressed, and in poor health. The neglect of their bodies spills over into their personal and professional relationships. Many have spent their lives chasing money and a career while sacrificing their health, only to give all their money away to get their health back later in life. The fact is that most people need to allocate 45 minutes, three to five times a week for exercising, meditating or performing any task that will nourish their body. Your muscles need it, your hormones need it, and your energy levels depend on it. Indeed, the one antidote that will outperform any drug in dealing with depression is exercise. It is vitally important if you want more in life.

One important way you can enhance and condition your physical body is to practice stress reduction techniques like meditation, yoga or prayer. When you take 20 or 30 minutes a day to get into congruency with your spirit, you foster a relationship in which you become one. Relaxing and meditating in pure silence will develop a “quiet knowing” in which you become fully aware and satisfied with your soul. I’ve seen hundreds of patients and I can attest that developing your inner spirit is equally important as exercise and nutrition. The body is a holistic organism that performs the best when all facets have been developed. Being proactive earlier in life will increase your longevity when you are in your senior years.

Healthy Focus, Healthy Perspective

Perhaps the most profound quality of successful people is their ability to focus. Successful people set goals, targets and objectives, and follow the process through to completion with a high degree of discipline. Successful podcast host and entrepreneur, John Lee Dumas, puts it this way: FOCUS stands for Follow One Course Until Success and that is a powerful perspective to have. There will be many opportunities to veer off track or move onto another project, but when you know what you have been called to do, you need to make it a priority and put all your effort into completing it. Most people have been conditioned to move from one fad to the next, or start a mission and then abandon it when they hit some turmoil…often just before they would have experienced a breakthrough. But successful people keep moving forward even when they experienced difficulties or roadblocks.

Steve Jobs once said that you absolutely have to love what you do because if you don’t, you will quit the moment it gets difficult. And you can bet…things will get difficult. But passion and love for your mission will allow you to sustain momentum during the difficult days you will inevitably face.
One way to cultivate a healthy focus is to ask: How do you define success? Is it money, peace, happiness, status or job title? Do you live in ego or do you live to help others? Will money and material things make you happy? These are important questions that should not be overlooked. When you seek to help others and provide value, an abundance of prosperity and kindness will come into your life. On the other hand, when
you chase after money and status, you will always be searching for more and never be truly fulfilled. I always explain to my patients and clients that they should enjoy the process because this is where the learning experiences come from and where they develop future skills. If they only value the end result, they will always be left wanting more. The best approach is to set both short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals will keep you moving forward and give you the affirmation to continue. Long-term goals allow you to set up your paradigm and follow through with the steps required to complete the mission.


On a personal front, I used this same approach to develop a paradigm that could help people in making a transformation with their life. I reflected back on my life and looked at the key events and moments that caused my breakthrough. The best way to convey them to you was to create this book outlining the important concepts that would help you in your journey. My short term goals were to write a little each day in hopes that one day I would have a book that is authentic and I could be proud of to present to the world. The process can sometimes be arduous but the mission is much bigger than any minor setback. When you believe in something greater than yourself, you will ultimately help so many more people than you ever thought possible.

Ample Discipline, Abundant Success

There are times throughout the journey of life where you will want to rebel or deviate from what is right. Nothing in life comes easy and the temptation to stray from your purpose will always be there. It may come in the form of delinquent friends, peer pressure, lack of motivation, laziness and much more. But remember that the people who succeed do what is right even when wrong is the easier option. They are so confident in themselves and their purpose that they don’t even hear the negative noise from the outside. They have tunnel vision and they will sacrifice instant gratification for long-term happiness. I often ask myself, how badly do I want it and what will I give up to get it? It may mean working late nights, Saturdays, early mornings or holidays. I have seen too many friends and peers give up because they thought the process was taking too long and they didn’t realize that they were so close to attaining what they desired.


Failure is not one massive event. It is a series of bad habits, decisions and rituals that compound over time. If most people didn’t live in an unconscious state, they would see their poor decisions adding up. The same is true for a positive outcome. There is no “overnight success”. It takes years of hard work combined with informed decisions and habits to achieve success. Any musician, dancer or actor will tell you that you rarely see the practice, failures, rehearsals, education, growth and development that goes on for years before they ever become recognized, but the daily progress and small steps eventually lead to greater rewards in the long-term. It is important, therefore, to continually educate yourself and build your internal worth. This will lead you to experience greater achievement in time. Little by little, day by day, and you will see these positive actions and affirmations pay dividends later on in your journey. As Tony Robbins once said, you see progress and growth when “your shoulds become your musts.” Replace I should do that with I must do that. You accomplish things when they must be a part of your day and life.

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