Eat Fat Get Thin Recipes

What a great resource from a mentor Dr. Mark Hyman.  Best selling author with a very thorough guide.  You will enjoy this.   Mike  

Eat These Fats To Lose Weight

    A major macro nutrient that I see my patients avoid are healthy fats.  In my experience, people are so scared of the word fat and avoid it from a dietary perspective at all costs.  I can understand this point of view because the conventional system has...

Why You Crave Sugar and How To Stop It

Night Binges: Blame the 4 Hormones of the Apocalypse (Infographic) Six Tips To Avoid Carb Cravings Taming the hormones that make you crave junk food at night Ever sneak a late-night snack after a big dinner, or binge late into the night? Eating a huge meal, then going...

Tips For Battling Cancer

I first want to say that I am not a medical doctor so always seek the advice of your GP or MD first.  They are your primary care provider. I am just providing advice that in theory and my clinical practice have worked well.  These are just my opinions and nothing...
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