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Timing of Macronutrients

  Let’s start with some factual information.  Insulin levels are high in the morning and most people grab cereals, bread or bagels which increases insulin even more leading to a midday crash.   Even the healthy carbs like vegetables and fruits are best to have in...

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Intermittent Fasting

People hear this term a great deal but most of my clients don’t know what it means and why it may be useful for some people when trying to lose weight.  Intermittent fasting is simply a temporary pattern in the timing of how you eat. It’s a way of scheduling your...

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Best Three Foods and Supplements For Brain Health

Three Best Foods and Supplements for Brain Health I see patients all day long suffering from depression, anxiety, brain fog and headaches.  They also have relatives with alzheimers, dementia, etc. and mental illness does not start in your 60’s and 70’s.  Research is...

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Vegetarian Meals

Breakfast suggestions Scrambled omelette toast topper Spicy tofu kedgeree Veggie breakfast bakes Apple & linseed porridge Cinnamon buckwheat pancakes with cherries Creamy yogurt porridge with apricot, ginger & grapefruit topping Bulghar & spinach fritters...

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Vegetarian Options

8 Foods Every Vegetarian Should Eat BY Laura Flynn McCarthy There is a world of reasons to go meatless, from heart health to animal welfare. But nutritionally, there’s one tricky trade-off. You drastically shrink your body’s supply of six vital nutrients: protein and...

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Sample Meal Plan

Sample Nutrition Plan for a 180 pound Male Daily consumption for Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins: Carbohydrates – 35% Fats – 35 % Protein – 30%   Proteins - essential to growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues. Fats - one source of energy and important...

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